Fidesys LLC provides consulting services in the fields of strength analysis, computational mathematics, computer modeling and parallel computing. Our key offering is developing of a customized programming solution based on the existing CAE Fidesys computer kernels, which meets your industrial needs. We also deliver services of incorporation of CAE Fidesys into your current production process, including stuff training and adaptation of calculating capabilities of our software for specific tasks of your enterprise. Moreover, our team led by 10 professors-consultants from the leading universities can solve non-standard knowledge-intensive tasks from our area of competence.

Developing of a customized programming solution

Modern CAE software cannot always meet specific needs of your business. In these cases part of an engineering analysis has to be done outside the installed CAE system. During this process companies often develop their own in-house programs which can perform a required part of analysis. Such a situation causes many problems: compatibility of an installed CAE software and an in-house program, staff communication-related problems, complicating of business processes, loss of data during information transfer, problems with renewal & support of an installed CAE, etc. In addition, information security while working with third-party CAE software could also be an issue for a company. A customized programming solution in this case can add value to your business by:

  • Solving specific engineering tasks of your production
  • Cutting expenses of your firm by simplifying your business processes
  • Mitigating information security risks.

Our area of competence is quite wide, so we can develop a CAE software right for the needs of your enterprise.

Incorporation of CAE Fidesys into production process

If you think about changing your current CAE software for CAE Fidesys but is afraid that such a change might cause some problems for your business we will help you with incorporation of CAE Fidesys into your current business processes. Whether you would like to replace your current CAE system fully or partly we will make the analysis of all required changes in your current state of business. Fidesys LLC can deliver you the range of services required for such a change: we will analyze what functionality of your current CAE software could be replaced by Fidesys, make an integration of CAE Fidesys into your current business processes, train your staff accordingly and adapt calculating capabilities of our software for your production.

CAE system is one of the main parts of a product lifecycle management. Nevertheless, a replacement of a CAE system to CAE Fidesys might be only a part of a more complex IT renewal which takes place in your company. Being a system integrator and helping your clients to make such renewals you may need an expert help in CAE systems exchange. We can provide you with such a support for your projects. Our staff will perform all the necessary for integration of CAE Fidesys activities as a team of consultants specialized in IT-integration for industry.

Solving knowledge-intensive tasks

Fidesys LLC consists of experienced professors-consultants and young graduates & PhD students from top universities who possess all required knowledge and skills for solving complex knowledge-intensive tasks. Our team has developed mechanical and mathematical models, created technical tasks algorithms for a wide range of problems.

The areas of our competence:

  • Mechanics of deformable solid under small and finite strains and their redistribution: strength analysis of structures, dynamic deformations, modeling of the defect’s origination and growth in a loaded body with finite strains (e.g. cracks)
  • Solid phase transformations under small and finite strains
  • Nondestructive control (monitoring problems)
  • Stability problems under small and finite strains
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Nanostructured materials, composites, porous materials
  • Estimation of effective mechanical properties under small and finite strains
  • Data visualization (3D rendering: drawing fields, models)
  • Parallel calculation using OpenMP, CUDA (GPU, MultiGPU), MPI, MPI-MultiGPU.