What limitations does the trial version of the program have?

The trial version can be used within 30 days from the activation of the trial period. The trial version does not work through a remote desktop or on virtual machines. The computational functionality is not limited in the trial version; it is completely similar to the full commercial version.

Where can I find the documents for the product?

You can download the documentation in the Documentation section.

Is it necessary to separately download and install the Fidesys Viewer, if I already use the Fidesys Bundle?

No, it is not required. Fidesys Viewer is a part of Fidesys Bundle.

Can I use Fidesys without a GUI?

Yes, you can. To do this, you can use the built-in scripting language together with the algebraic preprocessor, as well as the Python API.

Does Fidesys support explicit dimensioning?

Partially. This can be done using the built-in scripting language and the algebraic preprocessor functionality.

Can I install more than one version of Fidesys (for example, 1.4 and 1.5) simultaneously on the same computer?

Yes, you can, if it is the major version. if you install a new minor version, in case there is an older version, it is installed on top of the older minor version. For example, if you install 1.4.30 and then 1.5.15, then they will work together. However, if you install 1.5.16, it will be installed instead of 1.5.15.

I do not have a trial period activation button and/or my computer, which is not a virtual machine, is defined as such.

Make sure that your anti-virus does not block any Fidesys files, and also the file C:\Windows\system32\hasplms.exe.