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System Administrator
Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full-time, full-time
  • Diagnostics and repair ( replacement of faulty elements ) in the company 's PCs and servers
  • Assembly and modernization of the company's PCs and servers
  • Assembling and connecting storage devices (disk shelf, network storage)
  • Purchase of components
  • Connecting and configuring printers and scanners
  • Connecting and configuring network equipment (switch, Cisco routers, Wi-Fi equipment)
  • Crimping and laying of twisted pair
  • Purchase and replacement of consumables (cartridges, drum unit) for printers
  • Installing and configuring virtual (HyperV, VirtualBox) and bare metal machines
  • MS Windows: Server 2008R2 - 2022, Win7-Win11
  • Linux: different versions of Ubuntu, Centos, RHEL, Gentoo, AltLinux, Astra Linux, RedOS, Suse, Debian, Fedora, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, MX, Mint
  • Installation and configuration of MS Windows 2008R2 - 2022, Win7-Win11 ( introduction to the domain, creation of local accounts, assignment of rights to them)
  • Installation and configuration of MS Office 2010-2019, user consultation
  • Installation and configuration of MS Active Directory ( domain controllers, accounts, domain policies, replication, DNS, DHCP)
  • Installation and configuration of custom software (Ansys, FlexCAD, nanoCAD, BricsCAD, Euler, Universal Mechanism, pSeven, Autodesk, T-FLEX )
  • Installing and configuring development software (Visual Studio, Intel Parallel Studio, Qt, CMake, Mercurial/Tortoise, CUDA, etc.)
  • Installation, configuration and support of VPN and other remote access tools (openvpn, Cisco VPN, MS VPN, VNC, RDP, other similar programs)
  • providing backup of software settings, databases, virtual machine images
  • Installation, configuration and support of WEB servers (Apache, Tomcat, nginx, IIS, etc.)
  • Configuration, support and backup of collaboration software and data arrays generated by this software (Trac, Wiki, Buildbot)
  • Interaction with external vendors and providers of cloud solutions, mail, telephony (Mcrosoft, Amazon, IBM, Yandex, SanSim, etc.)
  • Installation, configuration and support of equipment and site monitoring tools
  • Support for copy protection systems, issuing USB protection keys
  • customer support on issues related to the installation and configuration of the developed CAE Fidesys software
  • Graduate of a technical university;
  • Basic networking knowledge, basic Windows administration and Linux skills;
  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Jira Administration Experience
  • Experience in implementing continuous integration systems
  • Good learning ability, ability to work independently
  • The office is located in Moscow
  • Full-time
  • Registration by TC, white salary
Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full-time, flexible schedule
C++ Developer / Mathematician
  • Development of mathematical models and computational algorithms based on existing numerical methods
  • Implementation of calculation modules based on the developed computational algorithms
  • Optimization of existing computing modules
  • Research and software implementation of new numerical methods
  • Writing modular and regression tests to check the operability and correctness of the software product as a whole and its individual components
  • Writing software and technical documentation.

  • Deep knowledge in the field of mechanics of deformable solids (theory of elasticity, plasticity at small and finite deformations)
  • Knowledge of numerical methods for solving MSS problems (preferably experience in solving MDTT problems using the finite element method)
  • Experience of mathematical modeling using numerical methods
  • C/C++ development experience
  • Knowledge of technical English (sufficient to independently understand the documentation for software products)
  • The ability to understand someone else's code and work in a team.
Knowledge of numerical methods for solving (finite element method, spectral element method, Galerkin method) problems of continuum mechanics (problems of geomechanics, viscoelasticity, plasticity)
Experience with version control systems (Mercurial or Git) is desirable
Experience with ANSYS, Abaqus, Nastran/Nastran or similar CAE packages will be a plus
Knowledge of C++11/14 standards
Knowledge of Python
Experience with Boost
Getting to Know Cmake
Working under Windows and/or Linux

  • Full-time, flexible working hours
  • Free parking near the office
  • White wages
  • Registration by TC

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