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Since 2009, more than 150 companies have successfully implemented Fidesys to solve their problems.
Nuclear industry
Automotive industry
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oil and gas industry
Mining industry
Aerospace industry
Scientific organizations

Success Stories

Geomechanical modeling of the near-well zone for Gazpromneft STC LLC
"The implemented approach allows for detailed modeling of geomechanical processes during the construction and completion of wells."
Skolkovo Institute
of Science and Technology.
Geomechanical model for fractured reservoirs.
"The company provides services for the implementation of CAE Fidesys in production processes, including employee training and adaptation of computing capabilities Software, in relation to the production tasks of the Customer."
LLC "Institute Gipronickel"
Modeling of technical solutions to strengthen workings.
"The strength geomechanical analysis of CAE Fidesys is used, among other things, as part of the scientific support of technical solutions for ore mining at the mines of the ZF of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel"
Development of technologies for the production of new generation composite materials and design solutions for the manufacture of supports.
"A full-scale 3D modeling was carried out and a methodology for calculating the resistance of the material to loads was developed on its basis."
Calculation of a high-pressure metal composite cylinder intended for transportation, storage and delivery of compressed gas.
"Comparison of strength characteristics obtained in CAE Fidesys for two variants of the container body and subsequent selection of the optimal variant in terms of strength, weight, cost and manufacturability"
Calculation of the dynamics of the model on the example of a test for a KAMAZ-5308 car with an elastic frame; calculation of its own and static forms using CAE Fidesys.
"The calculation of proprietary and static forms in CAE Fidesys has been carried out and a FEM model has been prepared for transmission to the EULER software package. Providing further calculation as part of a multicomponent mechanical system."
Simulation of the behavior of the seal on the radius part of the car door opening.
"A simulation of the installation of a rubber seal on the body in the CAE Fidesys package was carried out. A good agreement was obtained with the experiment on displacements, the shape of deformed geometry, with large deformations."
Our customers are about us.
  • With the help of Fidesys, we managed to significantly optimize the design of freight cars and reduce the cost of production.
    Konstantin Kolesov
  • Accurate reproduction of geomechanical stresses in the drift made it possible to make the right decisions on strengthening structures.
    Alexey Podgorny
    Norilsk Nickel
  • The application of the Fidesys package allowed us to prepare a project for underground mining operations at ore deposits.
    Alexey Podgorny
    Norilsk Nickel
  • The Fidesys package is a convenient tool for solving geomechanical problems and can be recommended for use in research and production tasks.
    Vasily Taskny