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of a high-pressure metal composite cylinder intended
for transportation, storage
and delivery of compressed gas.

Description of the problem

  • 1
    Evaluation of the optimal variant of the model based on the results of strength, weight, cost and manufacturability.
  • 2
    Checking the strength of the container during its transportation.
  • 3
    Modeling of the structure by beam and shell elements.

What was done

Comparison of strength characteristics obtained in CAE Fidesys for two variants of the container body and subsequent selection of the optimal variant in terms of strength, weight, cost and manufacturability.

Based on the calculation of CAE Fidesys, the strength characteristics of the two container variants were checked to meet the requirements for 1C type containers according to GOST R 53350-2009.

As a result of the CAE calculation, Fidesys obtained an estimate of equivalent stresses by Mises, an assessment of strength conditions by static strength and stability.

A recommendation was given on the choice of a specific version of the container, as well as a recommendation to conduct an additional analysis of the connections of structural elements.


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