Success Stories


Simulation of the behavior of the seal on the radius part of the car door opening

Description of the problem

  • 1
    Assessment of the nature of the deformed condition of the seal when installed on the body.
  • 2
    Determination of the deformation of the balloon and decorative mustache in a potentially dangerous place.
  • 3
    Three-dimensional model of the seal and part of the body.
  • 4
    Import of experimental data for materials: porous and monolithic rubbers.

What was done

A simulation of the installation of a rubber seal on the body in the CAE Fidesys package was carried out. A good agreement was obtained with the experiment on displacements, the shape of deformed geometry, with large deformations.

For the calculation in CAE Fidesys, a nonlinear Muni-Rivlin material was used, and materials were imported according to loading schedules.