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Calculation of the dynamics of the model on the example of a test for a KAMAZ-5308 car with an elastic frame; calculation of own and static forms using CAE Fidesys

Description of the problem

  • 1
    Implementation of the interface for calculations using finite element models in the form of elastic links.
  • 2
    Evaluation of the effects of changes in motion parameters and mechanism structure on the stress-strain state in the part.
  • 3
    Consideration of the influence of elastic deformations of the links of the mechanism on the dynamics of motion.
  • 4
    Integration with the EULER software package.

What was done

The calculation of proprietary and static forms in CAE Fidesys was carried out and a FEM model was prepared for transmission to the EULER software package. Providing further calculation as part of a multicomponent mechanical system.

The model is designed to determine the maximum maneuver speed when changing lanes on a limited section of track, at which there is no separation of wheels from the road or exit KM outside the dimensional corridor. This type of test is regulated by GOST R 52302-2004.

The use of finite element modeling made it possible to take into account the influence of the dynamics of the movement of the car as a whole on the stress-strain state of the frame.