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Geomechanical model for fractured tanks for the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech)

Description of the problem

  • 1
    Two limitations of the original analytical model: the diagonal relationship between displacements and forces in the crack and small deformations/
  • 2
    The need to take into account geometric nonlinearity in connection between crack deformations and displacements of its banks
  • 3
    The actual problem of evaluating the effective mechanical properties of inhomogeneous materials taking into account nonlinear effects

What was done

The simulation results can be used in the construction of geomechanical models of real deposits in shale formations and the analysis of geomechanical processes in them.

Numerical calculations carried out at CAE Fidesys have clearly demonstrated the significant influence of these generalizations on effective elastic modules, leading, in some cases, to a change in the effective Young's modulus up to 30% relative to the initial value.

The periodicity cell model built in CAE Fidesys allows you to flexibly adjust and vary the parameters of the crack system: number, pitch, thickness, stiffness, as well as the number and size of pores in the matrix.